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Common Sense Info

Common CentsSystem

  • The System

    Nuts and Bolts of the CCS. The following PDF comprises the nuts and bolts of the Common Cents System (CCS). If you take the time to read only one installment of the following series of articles, this is the article that lays the foundation upon which the entire system is built.
  • The Big Picture

    Understanding The Big Picture. Performance and feel depends upon the construction of the rod blank as a whole. This PDF shows how the Common Cents Approach can be used on several commercial fly rods to gain insights relative to the concepts of their designs.

  • The Rosetta Stone

    Matching Fly Line to the rod. The most elegantly constructed fly rod will not satisfy your client unless fitted with the correct line. Here is how to define this line without the usual “trial and error” process. This PDF shows how to define the correct line for optimally loading a fly rod.

  • Fly Line Analyzer

    Fly Line Facts and/or Fantasies. Before considering how to characterize a fly line, let’s confront the issue that all fly lines are not created equal. This PDF will show that not all lines of the same type and weight are equivalent, and vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

  • Rod Frequency

    Dynamic Characterization of Fly Rods. Although “feel” has always been considered a subjective property, it can be quantified on a relative scale. This PDF shows how to obtain the frequency values to describe the dynamic characterization of a rod.


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